AthleteConnection is a secure website for you to create an account for your son/daughter to fill out and submit your contact, physician and insurance information electronically.

Please read through these instructions completely before entering the AthleteConnection website to create your account.

  •  Fill out ALL of the information boxes to create an account for your son or daughter.
  • The AthleteConnection account should be created under your son or daughter's name.
  •  If your son or daughter will be making these updates, please share your account
          log-in information with them.
  • Please be sure to keep your User Name and Password so you can refer to it when information
         updates are needed.
  • Your son or daughter's information should be entered under the tab "My Contact Information."
  • The parent/guardian's contact information should be entered under the "Emergency Contact" tabs.
  • You will need to create your own "User Name" and Password." 
  • Once your account has been created, you will be taken to your profile page. Because you are filling out 
         your information on this new site for the first time, please complete ALL of the information under each of
         the tabs:
         1)  My Contact Information - this is your son or daughter's information; under "Home Address,"  please 
              enter your student's living address and phone # in the Iowa City/Coralville area,
         2)  Primary Emergency Contact (Primary parent or guardian contact(s),
         3)  Secondary Emergency Contact,
         4)  Primary Physician,
         5)  Secondary Physician,
         6)  Primary Insurance & Secondary Insurance (Please fill in all of the information blanks about your
              insurance or as much information that you can.
  • Under the "Primary Insurance" tab, please provide the information for your Primary Medical Insurance.
  • Under the "Secondary Insurance" tab, please provide the information for your Prescription Insurance.
  • If your Dental and/or Vision insurance is part of your Primary Medical Insurance, please indicate
          by checking the appropriate boxes.
  • If your Dental and/or Vision insurance is separate from your Primary Medical Insurance policy,
         please fax ENLARGED, front & back copies of these cards with the completed "Insurance 
         Information Form" listed below.
  • Please provide ENLARGED front & back copies of your Medical & Prescription insurance cards, too.
  • Click the "Save Changes" button when you are finished with each section. After this initial account
         creation and filling out all of your information, you will come to this website in the future to make
         updates, changes, etc. only.
  • Review the "Consent to Disclosure" statement and create a PIN # (6-digits) to add your online signature.

To enter your contact and insurance information on the AthleteConnection website, please go to this weblink,, to create your private account.


Important:  It is very important that you write your 1) User name and 2) Password in a private location that you will not forget. You will need this information each time you log-in to this website to make changes or updates.


When you have changes to your contact or insurance information from now on, please go to the AthleteConnection website ( to make your changes and fax your new insurance card copies & Insurance Information Form (below) to Christine Slauson, Medical Insurance Coordinator, Athletic Training Services at 319-335-9398.

After you have completed & submitted your contact, physician and insurance information on AthleteConnection, please click on "Medical Paper Forms" in the left side panel.