Frequently Asked Questions


All students beginning Summer Semester 2008 and later are required to have medical insurance and to provide insurance card copies regarding this insurance. 

If your son/daughter does not have health insurance, they should see Chris Slauson, Medical Insurance Coordinator of Athletic Training Services.  Chris can assist your son/daughter to sign up for the SHIP Insurance Plan which is available through the University of Iowa's Benefit Office.

Individuals not on grant and aid are required to have in-network medical insurance coverage for care at the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

For information about the SHIP program, please see the weblink in the right-hand panel under "INFORMATION LINKS."


The charges for any medical visits or treatments your son/daughter may receive will be first sent to your primary insurance company for payment. The Athletic Department is a secondary payor on the medical bills generated when a student-athlete is seen by a physician or a physical therapist at the Sports Medicine Center or at the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics.

If the reason a student-athlete is being seen by a physician and/or physical therapist is due to an injury that occurred as a result of participating on their Iowa sports team, the Athletic Department will be a secondary payor on the bills.  If the injury was not a result of participation on the student-athlete's sports team, the Athletic Department will not assist with payment. 

Any unpaid expenses by your medical insurance will be processed through the University.  This includes any deductible you might have for your insurance policy.


To sign up for the SHIP insurance program, your son/daughter should contact Christine Slauson in the Carver Hawkeye Athletic Training Room:

Christine Slauson
Medical Insurance Coordinator
Athletic Training Services
S181 CHA
319-335-9393  (phone)
319-335-9398 (fax)

The charges for SHIP will appear on the student's upcoming U-Bills.


YES.  When your son/daughter is signed up for the SHIP Insurance Plan through the UI Benefits Office, they will receive a BlueCross BlueShield insurance card 2-3 weeks later at their campus or home mailing address.

As soon as they receive this card, your son/daughter needs to provide an ENLARGED front & back copy of this card to Chris Slauson, Medical Insurance Coordinator, at S181 CHA or fax a copy to Chris at 319-335-9398.  It is very important that we receive a copy of this insurance card as soon as possible for our records and so we can  forward a copy to the University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics as well.


In order to cancel the SHIP insurance, your son or daughter should:

     a)  Email Dana Stafford in the UI Benefits Office and indicate that they have other insurance.
           Dana's email address is
     b)  Throw away or cut up their SHIP BlueCross BlueShield insurance card, if they have received it.
     c)  Email Chris Slauson, Medical Insurance Coordinator, to inform her of their current or new
           insurance coverage and provide front & back copies of their new insurance card.  Chris can
           be reached at


YES.  This is very important.  Please provide your son/daughter with a copy of your health insurance card(s) - Medical, Prescription, Dental and/or Vision to present when going for doctor's appointments, medical treatments, or picking up prescriptions.  This speeds up the registration and admittance process considerably. 

* If your son or daughter signs up for the SHIP insurance plan, they will receive a copy of their insurance card in the mail.  Please enter this information in their MyChart account.

* If you have any changes or updates to your insurance information (medical, prescription, dental and/or vision) , please update your information on MyChart.

The University of Iowa will cover any necessary related medical expenses, beyond your son/daughter's medical insurance, for 2 years upon graduation or earlier departure (i.e. transfer) from The University of Iowa.